Saturday, May 14, 2011

Polka dot and khaki set

For my latest project, this mum asked if I had any selection of colours and patterns to choose from. I didn’t really have a huge collection to show her, but I pointed her to some links of some photos of fabrics I had snapped. She immediately picked out this one…


…which I thought unusual for her style and remarked so to her. She replied saying that she actually preferred black and white colours for herself, but as it’s for her son, she thought she should get something more colourful and brighter.

I thought over what she said about her preference for more neutral colours. So I suggested that instead of making the lining the bright blue colour in the picture, I would select a more neutral colour so she could swap between the two sides – the neutral side for herself, or the bright polka dots if she felt like showing off her baby a bit more ^_^

This was the combo I selected – an off-white khaki type material which I thought set off the bright polka dots very nicely…


This is the result… bright and cheery combo!

Nursing cover…

And bib… (I made it in the same pattern as the previous set as I noticed that this mum had clicked the ‘like’ button on the other bib on Facebook)

Customary model pic…

Altogether now…

And ready to go!


  1. You are so creative ! This is so pro !

  2. You are getting better and better with every set! Well done! Now even have your own brand tag on the bag I see! ;)Jamie

  3. Thanks! still a pro-wannabe, but I try...

    And Jamie, thanks again for opportunity to take on one of my early editions

  4. That would have to be the cutest bib I've ever seen.

  5. Thanks Tat. I really surprise myself somtimes. Never imagined ever making anything like that before. I guess having a baby changes you in more ways than you can think!


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