Thursday, May 26, 2011

My version of the clutch cube

Still have not managed to find a slot to do a more cerita panjang kinda post. Anyway I think posts with lotsa pictures, especially ones with my chubby bubby are always a winner.

Here’s another something I made for Nathan which was inspired by a Lamaze Clutch Cube I saw a photo of friend’s baby playing with. It’s a mummy-made-patchy-vintagy cube!


This was an extended project as I took my time planning and sketching out the patterns before cutting and sewing the appliques on the cube.

Here are some close ups of my handiwork…

Daytime with sun and cloud – the cloud actually ‘puffs’ out as I stuffed that applique with some padding for a bit of 3D effect


Night-time with moon and star – as you can see, the star is a 3D pop-out which has a velcro attachment and is also secured with strap to make sure it doesn’t get lost


Vintage birdie – the wing flaps open and I’ve sewed in a bit of crinkly plastic for a little surprise noise effect.


I’ve also sewed on lots of handles and loops for Nathan to grab onto and to clip on other small toys and thingamajigs.

And now it’s over to my product tester and quality control manager…


I think he approves!


  1. very very nice! I like it a lot!

  2. That's so creative! You must have so much patience to add every little detail.


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