Thursday, May 19, 2011

More scrappy sewing

I’ve got something brewing in my mind to blog about, but haven’t had a chance to sit down to pull my thoughts together. So in the meantime, here is a filler post of more scrappy sewing I’ve been up to…

The scraps from the polka dot and khaki set got turned into a little soft pencil case which I thought would be something nice for this mum’s older daughter so she can enjoy having a little something new too.

I used the same bird pattern to make another one of these, but this time I attached a little ribbon so it can be hung up for baby to look at. This one is going out to the flowery pouch set mum – something pretty to hang over her little girl’s crib or pram.

I’m also been hemming cut up old towels to use as cloth wipes as part of my cloth diapering regime. Yes you got that right, we’re still going strong with the cloth diapering – yup, it wasn’t just a fad. Despite the mixed reactions I get when people learn that I use cloth nappies, I think it is one of the most liberating decisions I ever made.

So I hope this post helps curb your appetite for now. Things have been pretty quiet in the blogging world lately, so perhaps this post will help break the monotony until we hear something interesting from someone else out there!

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