Monday, May 02, 2011

More fabric shopping!

With another couple of sewing requests/expressions of interest, I’ve had the chance to indulge in more fabric eye candy!


After a bit of fun and indulgence it was time to move on to more serious matters. A friend over in Queensland wanted a set like this one too. It was a bit trickier to pin down the style and theme she desired. Finally after some probing, we uncovered other words like “blue”, “dark tones”, “conservative” and “doesn't dirty easily”.

So after some contemplation, I finally selected a combo of a dark blue drill/denim type texture fabric and a cotton print in a pretty blue pattern. With this combo, she can have the choice to either wear the sling with the denim texture facing out if she wants to go “conservative”, or she can also opt for the cotton print side if she’s feeling a bit more “adventurous”!


With all this sewing, part of me was itching to sew another sling for myself. But I think I might end up in the danger zone of accumulating unnecessary clutter (I already have four baby slings/carriers lying around the house). For now I think I’m better off getting the satisfaction of making them for other people and seeing them being worn.

In the meantime, I decided to ‘scratch’ the itch by trying out a new style of wearing baby – the side sitting position, which is ideal now that his neck and head balance have developed a lot more.


OK, it’s getting super late now. I’m off to bed. Hopefully baby sleeps longer through the night this time. Here’s hoping!

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