Sunday, May 29, 2011

More fabric finds

I wanted to do some sewing today. I received another order, this time for just a nursing cover. But just as I has the scissors ready to snip through the fabric, I remembered that I hadn’t pre-washed the fabrics yet. So I had to park it aside and turn to the computer instead.

Decided to snap some photos of the fabric finds I made during my latest expedition to Spotlight.

The expectant mum who ordered the nursing cover wanted something with a classic pattern in neutral-autumny colours like browns, orange, creams, reds. This is what I selected which I plan to pair with a brown lining…


While I was at the store I couldn’t resist picking up a few other bits – a blue and brown cotton print with a modern leafy pattern, and some vintage fabric pieces…

CIMG4263 CIMG4265

I also checked out some tartan fabric selections. I think this combo would make a really nice classic style for a pouch sling, paired with either a blue or tan velvety-cord material… almost a Burberry-like design.


My fingers were itching for more… wish I had more people I could sew for to satisfy my craving but I’ll pace myself. Really need to practice self control whenever I stop by Spotlight otherwise I might just buy the whole store!

CIMG4248Also, a couple of people had asked about the pouch sling I had offered – whether it’s available for people outside of Perth… and the answer is: Absolutely! Just ping me and we’ll work out a way to get across to you wherever you are.

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  1. u should open shop & sew things for non pregnant ladies as well!!! the vintage fabrics r gorgeous!


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