Friday, May 27, 2011

Another sling… anyone interested?

I made another pouch sling. I put a lot of thought into the fabric selection for this one as I had intended to make this one for myself. However it’s a tad big for me, so I’m thinking of selling this one. I can always make another one.

It’s a reversible design – one side is a dark brown cotton print with a subtle floral/vine pattern, and the other is a very nice cotton satin in green/brown polka dot design.

The lining is very good Japanese cotton satin material which has a silky feel to it – and because it’s cotton satin and not the common type of synthetic satin, it’s breathable and very comfy for baby. The silky feel also makes it easier to slip baby in and out of the pouch.



The sling has a padding on one side as a protective support for a newborn baby’s head, and can be swapped around to cushion an older baby’s legs in the side sitting position.

It’s a very versatile accessory as the same sling can be used to carry children from infants up to toddler age – the only thing that changes is the style and method of carrying the child. e.g. infants and younger babies can be carried in the cradle carry or kangaroo carry, and as they get older they move up to sitting position as pictured above and eventually even a piggy-back carry.

Here’s a closer view of some of the details of the sling’s material…


If you’re interested or would like more details, just pm me on fb or drop me an email at

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