Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Amazing flea market finds

I think I’ve discovered yet another new-found passion – flea market shopping! All thanks to my friend Jamie who introduced me to the wonderful world of flea markets.

On Sunday morning we headed out bright and early to the flea market at Kardinya and were amazed at the scale of the market. We saw all kinds of sellers who set out their bits and wares on makeshift tables, mats, and backs of trucks and station wagons.

Hubs remarked nonchalantly that flea markets were basically a glorified form of garage sales. Well that may be the case but it’s a whole strip mall of garage sales!

I picked this tupperware shape sorter still in very good condition with all the pieces intact for just $3


And a nice fleecy vest and a jacket for just 50 cents a piece


I could have stayed longer pawing through piles of clothes and toys and other thingamajigs but Nathan’s fussiness was bordering on turning into a full scale blowout so we had to cut the excursion short.

My friend Jamie was an even earlier bird than we were and found really excellent bargains – toy blocks for 50 cents a piece, pretty baby dresses and outfits for around $2 a piece and baby shoes/booties for $1 a pair.

I’m eager to head back for more. But I'll be sure to pace myself… 50cents may seem like a small amount but soon adds up as the saying goes… sikit-sikit lama-lama jadi bukit!

Anyway let’s round off the post with some shots of my little model loving his new vest!

CIMG4283 CIMG4280 CIMG4279

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