Thursday, April 28, 2011

What’s in your diaper bag?

As I was packing the diaper bag for heading out to the bbq/picnic outing over the long weekend, I decided just for fun to take a snapshot of all the things that go into my bag. I was actually quite amazed at the amount of stuff I managed to fit in.

I carry an OiOi bag which I got for a steal on Gumtree. I love it because of the classic style and roomy interior which can hold in surprisingly a lot of stuff as I will illustrate shortly.


So here is pretty much everything laid out…


Now let’s count the number of items I have in there:

1. Cloth nappies – one or two, depending on how long we’ll be out

2. Baby sling – either the pouch or the ring sling, depending on my mood or the occasion or what the laundry rotation is at the time

3. Nursing cover

4. A spare change of clothing for baby – usually a little T-shirt or onesie

5. A little toy or something to keep him amused if the situation arises

6. Changing pad

7. Baby wipes

8. Tissues

9. Spare disposable nappy – I’ve never encountered an occasion where I’ve had to use it, but I feel better knowing it’s there

10. Spare nursing pads

11. Small zip up bag to hold items #7, #8, #9 and #10

12. Wet bag to keep soiled nappies – sorry, it’s not captured in the picture

13. Zip lock plastic bag – just in case I need to contain anything mega messy or wet or if I just need something to hold stuff

14. Wallet

15. Pen

16. Camera

17. Phone

18. Chanel ‘Essentials’ colour palette – it’s six colour combo for eyes/lips/cheek, so I just carry this in place of having to carry a lipstick, eyeshadow, blusher, face compact etc.

19. Keys – I grab these on the way out

20. And baby! Well he doesn’t actually go in the bag but he goes with it.

Wow… totally a Mary Poppins moment! It’s a far cry from what I had in my bag three years ago. I wonder if I’m overdoing it? Do I have too many ‘just in case’ items or is there something I totally missed?

If you have nothing better to do, I’d really like to know what’s in YOUR bag.


  1. that's about right for me, minus
    - both zip lock bags
    - carrier: I'm using it usually
    - change pad: I use my carrier for that
    - disposable nappy: never had a supply anyway
    - nursing cover: never used one, my clothes are nursing clothing
    - colour pallette: I've not used makeup for a while now
    - baby wipes: my kids are sensitive to wipes, I use toilet paper moistened with water instead

    So yes, you are carrying the essentials :)

  2. wow... you've REALLY trimmed down to the essentials, Rebecca. Maybe after another kid or do I might start trimming down on stuff too

  3. I echo Becca, almost exactly, except I wished my baby was using cute comfortable cloth nappies. ;)
    Also, I always have is snacks for Emeth. Our church being so far away and ministry being so unpredictable, healthy snacks and water at hand are essentials.
    Oh, and books. and crayons. and paper for scribbling. Again, because of our crazy Sunday schedule.

  4. My bag has about the same number of items, maybe our bubs are in the same "stage" more or less so I dun carry snacks or drinks for bub just yet...heheh the time will come for that...I am "snack" enough for the moment...

    In my brand new Babymel which just arrived for me this morning... (just in time for Mother's day!)are in addition to yours:

    I carry disposables x3, nappy sacks for dirty nappies, a lipliner (I always apply makeup before leaving the house), a bottle of water, minus toy (her pram and carseat have one each) and add a jacket for bub in case of chills prone to changes.. :)


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