Monday, April 25, 2011

Sizing up

OK, enough about sewing for a bit. After all, sewing was not the ONLY thing I busied myself with this weekend. I also did this…


With the changing seasons and growing baby, I needed to do some reorganising of his clothes… archiving the ones he had grown out of (haiz… so fast!) and bring out the batch in next size up as well as the warmer ones in preparation for those chilly nights.

And here’s a little catwalk of the clothes my Nate has grown into recently…

First, his ‘mini chef’ shirt from his jia-po and jia-gung

CIMG3842 CIMG3845

Next, his ‘ickle overalls from one of hubs’ colleagues (anyone want to venture a guess at what song I was singing?)

CIMG3852 CIMG3857

And this little Baby Levis number is a hand-me-down from Diana… it’s a 3-6 months sizing and I recall not long ago finding it hard to imagine how my tiny newborn would ever fit into this outfit… aaaahhh, where did my 0-3 months size baby go?


Don’t even get me started on how I felt when I glanced ahead at the 6-12 month sized batch of clothes. I quickly put those boxes back and willed myself not to think about them just yet and went back to nuzzling my (still) little ‘ickle baby.

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