Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Rounding off the long weekend

So rounding off the long weekend activities on my list:

I finished the second pouch for my other friend. I had to be more precise in my sewing with this as it was the last bit of material, so less margin for error this time.


Then another friend told me she’d like a set like this one too and was happy to pay for it as well. So looks like I’ve got another project lined up!

In the midst of all the sewing, I also found some time to get out and enjoy the sunshine and the company of great friends and relish that unnameable holiday-feeling which floats around the air during long weekends such as this.

We spent an afternoon lazing around at Heathcote in Applecross, indulging in greasy bbq food – yumz! Great way to round off the long weekend on a high like this.


In case you’re wondering, that black and white thing my baby is wearing is one of his fanciest cloth nappies. This is one of my ‘show stopper’ nappies which never fail to generate big reactions from people. Most of don’t even realise it’s a nappy until I tell them. To them it just looks like very posh pants because of the plush minky material.


Here’s a shot of our little adventurer. It was quite a sunny day, so I sunblocked him, covered him and ‘capped’ him up. We came home with all his skin intact, so it was all good.

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