Friday, April 08, 2011

I made it myself!

Guess what? We have a new toy tool in the house!


After some contemplation, hubs and I agreed that a sewing machine would be a very useful thing in the house with a very likely to be active boy growing up with us… I foresee many mending and fixing of tears and rips with this. Not to mention lots of fun sewing projects!

After many weeks of it sitting on the table collecting dust, I finally managed to find a spare couple of hours to work on my very first sewing project. Behold, my very own homemade pouch sling!

I knooow… isn’t enough that I have already two perfectly functioning slings? Well somehow all the research about babywearing and baby slings led me to information about other types of baby carriers and slings. I became interested about pouch slings because of its simple design and trimmer style. It's a little less versatile compared to ring slings or wrap slings, but still offers a few basic options for wearing baby.

But why sew my own? I guess it must be all part of the baby bringing out more of this granola mum side in me… discovering all sorts of new interests and new skills I never knew I had!

Anyway after finishing my little sewing project, I am left with a fair amount of extra fabric – enough to make another pouch sling.


I am keen to do more practice on my sewing skills. So I would very much like to make this second pouch sling to give to someone – preferable located in Perth.

If you’d like the sling, just message or email me. Pouch slings are made to measure for the wearer, so I’d need to get some simple measurements off you and I’ll be all set to go!

Here is a link to some video clips showing how to use a pouch sling if you’d like to learn more about how they are used.


  1. walau so domestic goddess neh! :)

  2. Gorgeousness!
    one can never have too many slings (just don't ask me how many I have LOL)

  3. heehee... seems like not only cloth diapers can be an addiction, but also baby slings! i can totally relate

  4. V. interesting.Where are baby's legs? Looks cramped inside the pouch

  5. Baby is sitting inside with his feet together


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