Sunday, April 24, 2011

Flowery pouch sling gift set

How’s the long weekend been going for you so far?

Mine has been looking pretty much like this…


And it’s finished! One of the pouch slings at least… and a bit more.

I like the pattern so much, part of me wish I could keep it. But the larger part of me really looked forward to seeing my friend’s happy face when she receives it. But before I parted with it, I decided to give it a test run… purely for quality and safety checking of course!


With the extra fabric, I decided to make a little set of other handy items…


Neatly packaged up in a cute little drawstring pouch!


I really had a lot of fun making all these. I’d actually like to do more. I wonder if this is something other mums would be interested in having?

Well, on to my second sewing project using the leftover black and white fabric from my first pouch sling. Yeah! More sewing practice!


  1. Wow! Serene, you are so good at this ! they look really nice :)

  2. Wow!! So pretty n sweet!!! Am sure the mum n lil bub would love it! Inez

  3. They look absolutely gorgeous :) I never knew you had this side to you. I know your friend'll love them for sure

  4. Thanks... thanks... ya, I didn't know I had it in me either. Learning more and more new things about myself!

  5. walau ur really a domestic goddess!! a far cry from the cousin who 'tortured' my barbies by making them sprain their ankles when i was little! haha

  6. Serene, the are so pretty and gorgeous! Baby Nathan is so cute!

  7. Thanks Jean Nee! I shall no ask the 'traditional' question that comes after you're married. But it's time to update your blog lar.

    Min.. torturing barbies??? who would dare do such a thing!!! don't remember when that happened...


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