Thursday, March 31, 2011

A little perspective

Thanks for all the comments, virtual hugs, fb messages and sms’es to help me keep my chin up during this tough phase. It really helps so much to get me through such moments.

Apart from encouraging words, I also sought out some of that much needed perspective. Now that I am a mother, reading about articles like this one on orphans makes me more emotional over sad stories and news about children, compared to the time before we had our plus one.

So after tearing a little over that story, I‘ve reminded myself that: despite having to deal with back arching stunts, nap-time resistance, 45 minute intruders, graveyard hour nursing shifts and not so wonderful wonder weeks… I’m so glad that Nathan can grow up knowing someone will always be there to answer him whenever he cries and to pick him whenever he reaches up with his little arms.

Aaaand… there’s nothing like a little walk and some fresh air to calm everyone’s nerves down.



  1. I am grateful for this little window to the world I have at my desk while I am nursing, especially during the graveyard shifts, over wonder weeks, and wonder months. =)
    I often remind myself that my sons are crying because they are not orphans.
    (from this story)

  2. my window to the world is my phone, I've learnt the art of navigating and typing with one hand while nursing. I remember this story, I teared up reading it again. Thanks for the gentle tap on the shoulder as a gratitude reminder, sister :)

  3. a reminder for myself as well. =)


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