Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The amazing back arching stunt

Nathan is pretty much an angelic baby most of the time. So far I’ve not had to post a single grumpy photo of him. But Nathan is a normal human baby, so there will be moments like this…

CIMG3673 CIMG3674 CIMG3675

What was he so upset about? Well apparently it was very upsetting to him that his dear mummy tried to offer him a second breast after he pulled off the first one. It seems I must be a terrible mother for daring to do so.

Lately he only nurses on one side for about 10-15 minutes and then pulls off. I always try to offer him the second side because I’m always dubious as to whether he really is full… after all it’s only been 10 minutes. Sometimes he will take the second side… the other times he will just go '”enough is enough!” and pull one of these…

CIMG3665 CIMG3666 CIMG3667

I think all mothers will be familiar with this back arching stunt. I really am a terrible mother for laughing and snapping photos while her dear son is pulling this stunt in evident frustration.

Jokes aside, the 10-minute speed nursing is a bit of a puzzle for me… I’m wondering if his sucking speed has really increased so much that he can fill his tummy in just 10 minutes? Or is it just another wonder week thing?

So what are some other things that (sometimes) bring out the non-angelic side of little Nate? Well, here are the top five in order of intensity of the back arching stunt:

5. The aforementioned offering of the second breast during nursing

4. Being put down for a nap without the obligatory cuddle time – usually preferred in the sling

3. Putting on his pyjamas/night time onesie at bedtime after his bath – we’re not sure if it’s because of the long sleeves or the fact that it’s bedtime… he doesn’t fuss about getting dressed during the day

2. Pain – such as immunisation jabs

And the winner is…

1. Having his phlegm sucked out from his nose with the dreaded bulb syringe… this is the WORST torture for him no matter how stuffed up his nose is

Actually these are the only things I can think of, I really struggled to come up with anything else beyond these five. Apart from these few things, very little else upsets him.

Anyway, these back arching stunts are always short-lived and he will always revert back to his sunny self a moment after…


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