Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Week 9: new developments

So what else is new with Nathan? He’s now into his ninth week and is talking a bit more. There’s more variation to the coos and gabbles he makes which is very funny. He’s also smiling a lot more which is so terrific each time he does it.

Things that make him smile currently include:

1. Seeing mummy’s face pop above the crib in the morning

2. Listening to his musical toy in his baby gym

3. Mummy singing ‘I’m in the Lord’s Army’ and ‘Happy All the Time’ while helping him do the song actions with his arms


Nathan is a very good baby most of then time. He hardly ever cries and even his cries are not the typical wailing type cries. He mostly makes ‘ah-ah’ noises in short bursts, pause for a while, then let out a slightly longer ‘aaaah’, and pause again. He’ll repeat this until someone comes and see what he wants.

He’s presently having a ‘witching hour’ phase every night around 8 or 9pm until bedtime. Sometimes its not very convenient as it’s the time where I’m trying to clear up things in the kitchen after dinner, prepare lunch for tomorrow, or just trying to wind down at the end of the day. He just grizzles, wants to nurse, but pulls off the breast intermittently and just plain does not want to go to bed. I try to look at it as an opportunity for extra cuddle time before bed. Friends tell us that it could be a growth spurt. If so, that might help explain some exciting new developments wth his progress.


This week he managed to hold his head up very steadily for more than a minute at a time. Previously he used to flop it around a lot and need frequent breaks in between attempts to jerk his head up. Here are some shots of that strong neck in action…

CIMG3562 CIMG3563  CIMG3560 CIMG3567


  1. He is so cuteeeeee !!! Bring him to creche this week. I will be there to give him some cuddles :)

    ~eu lynn~

  2. he's sooooo cute :)
    Loving your observations of Nathan, it's so nice to be able to concentrate on babies while they are still young!

    He's grown so much already


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