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New routines

I’m aware that my blog entries have become increasingly erratic. I have to resort to cluster blogging whenever I manage to find a spare hour or two in between nursing, cleaning and cooking.

Nathan is currently 7 weeks old and his routine is getting more established. He nurses about once every 3 hours during the day, and during the night is gradually increasing his sleeping hours to longer stretches.

He’s very alert during wake times. After a feed, he will either spend some time in his baby gym, have some tummy time, or sing or flip through a picture book with mummy.



Nathan is keeping mummy busy every day… although he is the smallest person in the house, he creates the most amount of laundry…


At this stage I don’t mind it, in fact I find it very satisfying and adorable to see all the teeny tiny outfits hanging out in a nice little row on the clothesline.

I decided to take advantage of my energy and enthusiasm for all this baby stuff to take on something new… cloth diapering! I’ve been toying with the idea for some time, however I wanted to ease myself into the process and started with disposables in the first few weeks while we got his routine more established.

I started with using some muslin folds a couple of times a day and a few pieces of modern cloth nappies (a gift from a friend)… admittedly there were some accidents and blowouts at first, but as I started to get the hang of it, I decided it was something I could take on. The savings from buying disposables was the main motivator for moving forward.

I managed to get a good deal online for a whole set of cotton prefolds, fitted nappies, nappy covers, some modern all-in-ones and snap-in nappies.


These are some of my favourite designs… especially the army one!


My little soldier boy!


There are a couple of extra steps needed at each nappy change, but I'm okay with it and am getting much better and faster with more practice. Although it's early days for me, I think I can safely say that I strongly recommend cloth diapering... if not just for the cost savings or the environment, but also it's better for baby's bottom and it's pretty fun too!


  1. wow serene...

    he's looking great!!!! and well done on the cloth diapering!!!! it's definitely better...wish i had time to do it...

    and nathan's looking abit like meng how now!!! hehe...he'll be pleased to know... :)

    take care...oh yes, happy new year too...


  2. Wow! Cloth diaper. I have always wonder how is it like..:) Sld talk to u more to find out. Lil Nathan is such a handsom boy. Inez

  3. Great haul from Gumtree, looks like the previous owner had great taste in nappies. those are fantastic brands.

    So you've jumped in the deep end!
    :) bec


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