Sunday, January 09, 2011

Two plus one

A few months back, when we were eagerly anticipating the arrival of our new family addition, I lamented the fact that it would mark the end of an era... the era of 'just the two of us'.

Would it mean the end of weekend morning pillow talks and slow breakfasts? Well for the past couple of weeks, it certainly seemed so. But this morning at 6am after a long night of back to back nursing, I found myself too exhausted to get out of bed to pick Nathan up for his feed. So hubs got up and brought him to me to nurse in bed.

After Nathan drifted off to sleep, hubs and I just lay there... chatting softly and looking quietly at Nathan lying there between us. Although I could barely keep my eyes open, it seemed like a perfect moment in time with the three of us in bed cuddling and nuzzling together.

So although it will no longer ever be 'just the two of us'... I've discovered that 'two plus one' is so much more amazing!

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