Monday, January 10, 2011

More hang-out space in our house

Thought I'd take a short break from Nathan updates and show you what's new around the house. Hubs has been keeping himself busy in between helping with the baby and the household chores doing the garden, assembling furniture and one of the big highlights is the wooden decking in our alfresco area... all fully DIY assembled in just 2 hours!!!

I love it! We also got a screen installed to block out the sun, dust and insects... so the alfresco area now really feels like another extension to the house.

Here's a closer view of the floor decking material...

We just need to wait for the decking material to settle after 6 weeks, then all we need to do is to apply a coat of decking oil and this section of the house will be done. In the meantime, the area is already nice, clean and pleasant to walk on and hang-out in.

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