Monday, December 06, 2010

A never heard of before Hakka specialty

I have not posted an updated related to my cooking escapades for a while, so I thought to share one of the cooking projects I undertook over the weekend:

Presenting… Hakka Thunder' Tea Rice or Lui Char Fan


Growing up I’ve had the privilege to enjoy lots of yummy traditional Hakka dishes like pak cham kai, ngiong tew foo and kiu nyuk… but in all my years, I’ve never tasted or even heard of this thunder tea rice.

I came across the dish and recipe on Table for 2 and found it so intriguing. The fact that it was a Hakka speciality peaked my interest even more. So I rolled up my sleeves and just dove into it. The recipe wasn’t actually difficult but was just a bit methodical as it required quite a bit prep time for each condiment


There is also a special ‘tea soup’ base to prepare, which was basically whizzing up an assortment of herbs and condiments.

To serve, you just scoop in some rice into a big bow and arrange all the condiments around it, mix some hot water with the ‘tea soup’ base and pour it over the rice and condiments, then mix it all up and enjoy. Sort of like a Korean Bibim Bap.

If you love vegetables, you will really like this dish. I was a little worried that hubby might find this a bit too vegetarian for his liking (no meat, and three types of only lightly blanched veges served with some herby soup paste) but he said he said found it quite tasty.

Any Hakka people out there can vouch this as an authentic Hakka dish?


  1. I love that dish too, it's been a long time since I eat them!

  2. i'm not hakka but i love Lei Cha! i eat mine sans the soup though

  3. yes. This is indeed an authentic Hakka dish. In fact, I was only introduced to it in 2004 by a Hakka tiler. I had only eaten once - I find the taste very raw. The word Lui means grind. Genuine Lui Char is grind by using a stick made from Guava tree !


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