Saturday, December 18, 2010

The countdown begins

So yesterday was my last day at the office and I am now officially on maternity leave.

8 days to EDD.

The number one FAQ I get at this stage is: so how do you feel?

Well, I'd sum it up in three main points...

#1. Surreal. Even at 38 weeks I still struggle to grasp the whole concept that I am going to be a mum to an actual little boy. I still have moments when I pause and think that maybe this is all just my imagination. And then I feel a little kick. That pretty much jolts me back to the 'realness' of what's happening now.

#2. Undecided. You'd think I'd have everything all settled and planned out nicely. But even at this second, I'm worrying about things like sleeping arrangements (separate nursery or co-sleeping?), birth plan (go with the full works or tough it out?), heck I was so undecided about whether to have a baby shower until I reached the stage where I was just too tired to plan one.

#3. Completely inadequately prepared. As I flick through various Facebook statuses and photos of friends who are also preparing for their own stork deliveries, I see all the thorough preparation with ceiling level stacks of diapers, mountains of baby clothes, heaps of toys, libraries of books, baby bottles, sterilisers, feeding/diapering/bathtime equipment... I shoved the laptop in front of hubby and frantically repeated "how come we don't have this??? or this??? or that???" I'm left feeling so inadequate when I compare it to my own meager preparations.

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  1. all of us already love him and that's the best prep! :D


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