Sunday, December 19, 2010

Beetroot harvest

I guess it’s about time for another garden update. Mum always asks about how the beetroot plants, tomatoes and other plants are doing almost every time she calls. So since pictures paint a thousand words…

Here is hubby’s latest addition to the vege patch. Definitely a good idea now that the blazing hot summer heat is upon us.


The grapes are growing steadily. Not quite ready yet but they look like they’re on the right track.


The cherry tomatoes are looking exceedingly gorgeous. We’ll be harvesting them next.


Because today’s focus was on the beetroot.


Hubby wanted me to show this next picture to show just how much he’s had to endure with keeping the caterpillars and pests in check. Things could have looked a lot worse than this had it not been for his constant warfare against those pesky critters.


Here they are peeking from underneath their leaves. Get ready to die!!!


First victim. They’re not very big because we decided we’d better harvest them before caterpillars eat them all up before we do.


All washed and scrubbed. We look forward to eating you soon.


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  1. Beetroot looks good. Add to pork rib soup - with ginger slices - slow boil


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