Monday, November 01, 2010

Garden report

Garden report for mum:

Your tomatoes and beetroot seem to be doing well. The tomatoes have started to flower and some even have started to develop tiny fruits. Some of the beetroots were looking scraggly on top, but overall they seem to be holding up well. The chilli plant is starting to flower again – really can’t keep up with the amount of chilli this little plant is producing!

CIMG3162 CIMG3160CIMG3164 CIMG3167 

We planted four fruit trees at the back: lemon, plum, persimmon and grapes. The choice of the fruits (except the lemon) mostly revolved around hubby’s dream of being able to enjoy his favourite fruits to his heart’s content some day.

CIMG3168 CIMG3169 CIMG3170 CIMG3171

A close up of the tiny grapes that have started budding:


I have no clue about what it takes to grow a successful fruit bearing tree so I really hope we we’re heading in the right direction.

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  1. The veg plants seem ok. Fruit trees too near the fence. Might just hang over neighbours' side of fence cos the grass always seem greener there.


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