Sunday, October 03, 2010

Deciding where to set up the cot

More baby shopping this weekend.

This weekend’s task centred around assembling this…


Hubby’s comment as he assembled the cot: “It’s really dawning on me that we’re having a baby!

So for me it took sorting through baby clothes, and for hubs it took assembling baby furniture and equipment.

We are kind of still debating whether to set the cot up in our room, or establish a separate nursery room. We’ve been hearing pros and cons of both options from various people:

Those voting for having the cot in the same room insist on the benefits of easy access to baby and convenience, especially for night feeds. Those on the other side of the fence are adamant that it’s better to establish a separate nursery from the start to avoid the difficulties and drama of transitioning to a nursery later on.

Both sides of the argument seem valid, but we’re still working out which option is for us.


  1. suggestion: maybe try having the baby in another room first...if not too troublesome for night feeds and stuff..then let it be, if it is, then move baby into your room then :) it's also better for the marriage if baby is in the next room if you know what I mean. Also u need your own space to unwind, read and all. Hard to do all that with the baby in the room.

  2. It may sound inconvenient to have the baby in another room for night feeds, but that will be for a short period of time. When baby sleeps through the night after 6 weeks (for parents who are really determined), or for my case, after about a year (haha!! I am not very strong, you see), you will realise you have made the right choice!!! hahaha, not trying to scare you about the one year thing, but now that all the kids are happily settled in their rooms, I find that we DO need space to relax, talk, be just a couple and enjoy each other's company. I also notice the kids like their own space too, have their own favourite books, toys, collection of stuffs in their own rooms. Diana


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