Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Embracing the new normal

These days the latest news is all about engagements, weddings and babies. Talk of exams, universities and graduations belongs to a different set now. We are growing up!

I was sorting out baby clothes given by a friend over the weekend, and as I was folding up the teeny tiny shirts, pants and onesies... it started to really hit me hard "I am having a boy... my goodness a BOY!!!".


The thought of being a mummy to a little boy is still something I'm learning to comprehend. Sometimes in my illogical moments, I wonder to myself "Can I really be pregnant? Maybe it's all in my head and I'm just going through a fat phase". Of course with my burgeoning belly, this sort of illogical thinking is becoming increasingly easier for my mind to discard.

An old childhood friend of mine recently became a father to a baby girl. Heaps of congratulatory messages were flying all over Facebook following the official photo release. I paused over an especially artistic photo of him cradling his little girl in his arms. I was bubbling over with happiness for him, yet at the same time was still struggling to reconcile that picture with my mental image of him as a scrawny kid in Sunday School with his signature spiky hair and goofy grin.

But I imagine someday soon this will all become the "new normal" and I may even find it hard to imagine a day when I was not a mummy or when we were all not mummies, daddies, uncles, aunties (or even grandmas and grandpas).

So here I go, learning to embrace the New Normal!


  1. don't u love little baby clothes?? the new normal :) it's all good and very exciting.

    and yes I can't stop thinking about the boy erik used to be too.

    then I thought about how my mom must see me. She saw me when I was teeny weeny and now I'm a mommy ;)

    The new normal ;)

  2. i have a huge goofy grin on my face too. :D
    the new normal. i like.

  3. congratulations, mummy-to-be! enjoy the preparation for the little one :)


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