Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Doings and eats

Last week I went a bit hiatus because I had some special guests: my dear mummy and daddy who came to spot check the progress of my pregnancy.


I was pampered by plenty of home cooked food and goodies such as…

Home-made ‘ham ching piang’ and ‘tau sar piang


And fried Chinese radish cake (chai tau kueh)


In turn they also had the privilege to enjoy yummy outside eats like:

Brunch at the Fig Tree Cafe



All you can eat Korean BBQ


And chocolate fondue at the Chocolate Factory in Swan Valley



Our poor neglected garden also saw some action during that very productive week. I don’t have any photos of the hardworking gardeners so have to wait until my dad posts them up.

(Mum, don’t worry about the beetroot… MH has been faithfully watering them and so far they look promising. Will put up the photo evidence soon!)

Baby must have been super happy enjoying this wide variety of different tastes and food all throughout the week. Plus mum left our fridge well stocked with plenty of mooncake, ginger, ikan billis and lots of her yummy homemade sambal! My baby will be a chilli king when he gets out!


  1. i love this post! wasn't it sooo comforting to have mom and dad around? =) even when you are already a mom yourself.
    i had my mom's company for a few days when i was about eight-months along. we cleaned, cleaned, and cleaned, purged, purged, and purged some more! it was the most productive week of nesting.

  2. dad and mom look great. Food looks amazing.. You look the best! looking magnificent..glowing :)


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