Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Pregnancy FAQs

So after going public, I’ve been receiving a few more congratulatory messages, both online and offline.

As usual there’s the gush of congratulations/hugs/pats/smiles… a quick admiring glance at my belly, followed by the usual mini Q&A session… which I really don’t mind, it’s all part of the whole sharing and caring.

So since this is a space to journal and communicate, I present to you my pregnancy FAQs:

How far along are you?
As of today, I am 17 weeks and 4 days along.

When are you due?
December 26th (yes I know, I know… it will be my big Christmas present this year)

Any morning sickness?
Yes sort of, mainly in the first 3 months, but it was more like evening sickness and sometimes all-day-long sickness. But I’m feeling better now.

Any food cravings?
Not really. I pretty much eat anything. I do miss my variety of soft cheeses and cold cuts, though.

Any food/smell aversions?
I did feel a bit queasy in the early stages, but not specifically related to a particular food. I am currently more sensitive to certain smells such as raw meat and musty smells like the garage or a stuffy room.

Is it a boy or girl?
We don’t know yet. The earliest you can tell is around 20 weeks.

Which do you prefer (boy/girl)?
No preference, as long as he/she is healthy. We’ve had discussions on pros and cons of both, but it doesn’t have anything to do with preference. I know I'm being sooo politically correct but since this is going to be journalled here, better not say, mana tau one day the kid will read this and may be scarred for life!

Are you happy?

Is MH happy?

Are you parents/family happy?

How does your cat feel about all this?
(Yes, these really are the FAQs I get)

I can’t answer for him. We forgot to consult him before we went into this. But I don’t think he has a clue of what’s happening at all.

And the scariest question of all…

Have you bought all your baby things yet?
My honest answer is no. I have not bought a single thing. I only have one wacky looking milk bottle shaped like a cow’s udder given as a present 5 years ago, and some sample baby products in our hospital welcome pack. This question sometimes makes me feel a bit stressed, especially if followed by comments (always with the best intentions of course) on the long list of things I need, how expensive everything is nowadays, how there is a sale going on here or there so best time to buy is NOW. It always leaves me gasping a little at how miserably unprepared we are for this huge undertaking *gulp… help!*

So there you have it. Hope this helps answer most (if not all) of your burning questions.

More updates to come… and yes, photos too once I make myself a little more presentable.


  1. "I can’t answer for him. We forgot consult with him before we went into this." nice. *laugh*
    if it helps, and ONLY if it helps, I made an annotated list for my pregnant friends with all the things we got for emeth. and how helpful/useless it was for us. =)
    i was/am a customer report freak. so i read and analyze waaay waaay too many reviews.

  2. Thanks Irene. I would definitely like to see your list. I'm quite sure it doesn't (or at least I hope it doesn't) include a specialised steam-based bottle steriliser which costs over a hundred dollars (which I have been told is absolutely essential to my shopping list)

  3. P.S. But even if you have such an item in your list, I'd still like to see what you have in your list ^_^

  4. *laugh* um. no.
    fact: we have a one-bedroom apartment.
    this is our "bare essentials" and the useless ones i indicate on the list. also, because i'm nursing, all bottles and bottle related things are rendered useless.


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