Saturday, July 10, 2010

Idiot proof tau foo fah

I haven’t posted anything on my cooking escapades lately.

So here’s another one of those yummy and supposedly difficult to prepare traditional Malaysian/Singaporean delicacies, using the idiot-proof method to make.

Presenting….home made tau foo fah (the cheat version)

Start with a carton of plain soy milk.


You can also use the sweet soy milk from the Asian groceries if you like the added sweetness, but authentic tau foo fah is supposed to be plain with the sweetness coming from the syrup.

Pour your desired amount into a saucepan and heat it up gently.

Now for the secret ingredient… agar-agar powder!image I added about a teaspoon to about 500ml of soy milk. I’m not sure if it is the same for all types of agar-agar powder. But the idea is to make the soy milk set to a slightly wobbly consistency… not too firm and jelly-like.

Ensure the agar-agar powder is completely dissolved then turn off the heat and set aside to let it set.

When serving it, just scoop off thin layers, just like the way real tau foo fah is served.


Then ladle in some sweet syrup and enjoy!


For the syrup I used gula melaka, but you can also just boil plain sugar and ginger or even with pandan leaves.

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  1. This is my favourite! I didn't know you can use agar agar powder. I've always thought it's 'sek ko fun' (my mum tells me it's plaster of paris?) but that's not good. I'm definitely going to try this =) - Naryn

  2. No way!!! absolutely insane. will have to try this soon. =)

  3. it looks really nice, really yummy!! u have a talent, cousin

  4. Amazing riiiight???

    I have to confess that the idea is not entirely original. It stemmed from a craving then resorting to Google to find quick and simple solutions to satisfy my craving.

    There is some element missing in the taste of this tau foo fah, can't quite put my finger on what it is, but it's pretty good alternative to the original thing!

    Show me pics of your attempts!

  5. ooo i must try
    how about gelatine, that's pretty soft... softer than agar powder

  6. Ya, seems like can use gelatine also. Post some pics of the result :) I'm curious to see how others' turn out


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