Monday, June 07, 2010

Breakfasts are meant to be like this

One of the things I look forward to during weekends is breakfast.

For once in the long busy week, breakfast is not a rushed affair, hurriedly eaten on the go... but can be enjoyed in its rightful form: slowly and leisurely, savouring every single bite.

So what could be more glorious than a long weekend with not just one or two, but three glorious mornings of breakfasts - weekend style.

We had banana bread toast on Saturday morning (home baked).

On Sunday we had fried eggs and ham, and grilled tomatoes.

And Monday's menu was sourdough bread (again home baked) with Vegemite, dipped in semi-soft-boiled eggs. At least that was my version of it, because hubby doesn't eat Vegemite and doesn't like fussing around with the bread and egg dipping thing.

...All washed down with a pot of organic Sabah tea, sipped out of proper teacups on saucers - the way tea is meant to be enjoyed.

If only every morning could be like this.

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  1. Hi Serene! :) I so so agree! Breakfasts are meant to be like that! Lately, my breakfast is a quick crumpet in the car before we catch the train! The next long weekend is far away! :P


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