Sunday, March 07, 2010

Mishu is ill

Mishu is the darlingest kitty cat. It’s really nice to have a living creature who greets you affectionately every day when you come home from work – even if he’s only thinking of dinner.

But after dinner, on our free nights when we’re settled in on the couch, watching TV or browsing through facebook and various blogs… Mishu will jump up and perch on the armrest, meowing gently at us for some TLC.

If I’m pretty focused on the TV or the laptop to pay him too much attention, he’ll walk up along the edge of the backrest, stop right behind my head and start licking my cheek.

Usually that works… it depends how exciting the scene is on the screen or how interesting the blog article is. Recently he has this new trick of nuzzling in right up next to me and putting his paw on the keyboard.


Cute kan? Told ya he was the darlingest cat!

Sadly Mishu is presently sick. It started yesterday. He only ate half his breakfast, barely touched his dinner and was listless all day. This morning we did not even hear him meowing at our bedroom door (he does this without fail EVERY MORNING. He doesn’t even care if it’s the weekend or a public holiday!)

We took him to the vet today. The vet diagnosed it as UTI and a blocked urinary tract. So he is now being hospitalised overnight for treatment. The bill will probably be something atrocious but we really hope he gets better soon.

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  1. Probably you've been over generous with his food. Too much fish - calcium


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