Thursday, March 11, 2010

First time cooking with buttermilk

On Saturday, during our weekly grocery shopping expedition, I added something new to the cart, something I’ve never bought before in my entire life…


Hubby was curious? What is buttermilk? I duly explained the process of churning butter and how the liquid leftover after the butter formed in the cream was known as buttermilk. However I just wiki-ed it and found out that the supermarket version was essentially cultured buttermilk by adding lactic acid bacteria to milk.

I was more curious about the taste. Although I may have partaken it as one of the ingredients in many a muffin or pancake, I’ve never tasted it straight out on its own.

All I can say is… the lactic acid really explains that distinct tangy taste.

Anyway, I didn’t buy one litre of buttermilk just to drink, but I had intended to try out this recipe for oatmeal pancakes. The recipe called for soaking one cup of oatmeal in one cup of buttermilk overnight.

The next morning, I added an egg, a quarter cup of flour, half a teaspoon each of baking powder and bicarb soda and a pinch of salt. Mixed it into one gooey batter and spoon out generous clumps of it onto a hot pan.


It’s pretty easy to make and absolutely delish!


  1. heeheee... i made this right away as soon as i saw her post. =)
    they were pancakes at their best! YUM.

  2. Absolutely YUM!

    I made another batch this morning for breakfast

  3. very nice!

    I made her orange/olive oil cake today, minus the almonds. must say, very sophisticated. i've been a fan of her cakes for a while now--and i'm not usually a cake type of person. i almost never eat cake (except when it comes to accepting people's hospitality) unless it is completely from scratch and i can control its sweetness. =)

    anyway, i can't wait to try another slice tomorrow when the orange peel mellows down!

  4. I love pancakes, home made pancakes are both yummy and cheap.(if i buy outside it's expensive)


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