Sunday, March 21, 2010

Down to the last drop

I used every bit of that buttermilk down to the very last drop in the form of buttermilk pancakes with caramelised bananas.

At first I thought of making it for breakfast this morning, but eventually the craving last night won over and I found myself in the kitchen whisking flour, eggs and buttermilk.

I had already flipped over four ladlefuls of the gooey buttery mixture before I stopped with an inspired idea... why not go easy over supper and make mini size versions instead?

These portions were perfect for a nightcap without having to go to bed feeling bloated.

And the next morning I heated up the remaining standard sized versions and served it up for breakfast with more bananas, drizzled with honey.

I like buttermilk.


  1. Yummy.....better check the waistline and cholesterol..... munch... munch

  2. Serene is still skinny lah!

  3. how did you caramelize the bananas? what an interesting thought. reminds me of the "steam banana" we had back home.

  4. Yes, mummy *meekly*

    Min... thanks for seeing my 'thin side'. sadly everything's been going downhill after 25 :(

    Irene... basically you gently simmer sliced bananas in brown sugar and butter. It doesn't take long... about 15 minutes or so. It does remind me of those steamed bananas. Ideally you need to use the special pisang for cooking which is still mentah, which are hard to find here


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