Saturday, March 20, 2010

Baby buttermilk cookies with sugar on top

Sometimes I'm beset with this urge to bake something... sometimes it's because it's because I have a craving for something warm, sweet and crumbly... but sometimes it's just because my hands are itching to create something.

In keeping with my current side obsession with buttermilk, I decided to try my hand at making these buttermilk cookies with lemon zest

The texture of these cookies are softer from most cookies and are quite light, without being crumbly. The cookies themselves are not overly sweet, but rely mostly on the buttermilk glaze drizzled on top for that touch of "sugar on top".

I plated up a couple of these little babies and set it in front of hubs. He smiled delightedly and exclaimed "Eh, so cute! They look like mini buns"

I'm now indulging in one of these cute little button-like cookies, whilst sipping a cup of organic Sabah tea.

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