Sunday, March 14, 2010

An account of what I did this weekend

It’s Sunday evening. I’m now winding down as the weekend comes a a close and mentally preparing myself for the start of a new work week tomorrow.

One of the classic ‘water cooler’ discussions at work is the “watcha’ get up over the weekend, mate?” conversation.

I don’t think I ever have anything terribly exciting to report. However my dad says it’s the mundane things he and my mum like to read about too… so in light of that, here is an account of what I did over the weekend, dedicated to my dear parents:


7.00am: Woke up to Mishu meowing for breakfast. Hubby gets up to feed him while I go back to slumberland.

8.00am: Get out of bed, do the usual morning bathroom routine, gather dirty laundry and dump clothes in the washing machine.

8.30am: Prepare breakfast – buttermilk oatmeal pancakes.

9.15am: Enjoy leisurely Saturday morning breakfast with hubby.

10.00am: Clear away breakfast dishes, hang up laundry, put in second load into the machine.

11.00am: Chill out for a bit, surfing the net, facebooking and reading blogs.

2.00pm: Head out for weekly grocery shopping.

3.20pm: Arrive home with groceries and quickly put them away while hubby loads bikes on the car for our next activity.

3.50pm: Head out again for cycling with friends, Jon and Naryn. Stop by Maccas for some nuggets along the way.

4.20pm: Meet at Naryn’s place, unload bikes, gear up and venture out on our chosen cycling route… circling Carousel Shopping Centre and then around Canning River Regional Park.

6.00pm: Back to Naryn’s place. We stay for dinner. Naryn wanted our help to cook and eat food in her freezer.

8.05pm: Head home after remembering that we need to feed Mishu.

8.25pm: Mishu greets us at the door. Hubby puts away bike gear while I prepare Mishu’s medicine and food, then spoon feed him the first half of his dinner while hubby showers.

9.00pm: My turn to shower.

9.30pm: Hubby and I settle in on the couch to relax with a movie – 'Up'

Midnight: Head off to bed.


7.00am: Mishu meows for breakfast. Hubby gets up to feed him. I sleep.

8.00am: I get up, do the usual bathroom routine.

8.30am: Cook breakfast – sausages, eggs and toast.

9.00am: Eat breakfast with hubby.

9.30am: Change and get ready for church.

10.00am: Head out for church.

10.30am: Church service starts.

12.30pm: Church service ends. Hang around, chat and catch up with various people.

1.30pm: Head off to friend’s place for bbq.

2.45pm: Say goodbyes and head off to another friend’s place to see their baby.

3.00pm: Wave hello to Dave and Lyndt. Sit down to adore and coo over their happy, cooey, smiley little Zac. So caught up in conversation and baby adoration that I forgot to snap photos. Sorry!

4.00pm: Wave good bye to cute little Zac.

4.30pm: Arrive home, wash, change into my comfy ratty T-shirt

5.00pm: Chill out for a bit… it’s been a long day. Hubby and Mishu nap while I read a magazine.

7.00pm: Hubby goes outside to potter around the backyard and clean Mishu’s litter box. I hang around outside and watch as Mishu explores the backyard.

7.30pm: Prepare and eat dinner.

8.30pm: Set breadmaker to make a loaf of oatmeal honey bread.

9.00pm: Wash dishes.

9.30pm: Blog this post. Hubby wants to use the laptop and I’ve finished telling you about my weekend.

I’ll end with this pic of Mishu… how nice it is to be a cat, always get to be manja-ed…


Hope your weekend was good.


  1. What an exciting weekend! =) Mishu is so cute sleeping that way!

  2. what a lucky cat she (or he?) is.


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