Thursday, February 25, 2010

I’m home

Flew back to Perth on Tuesday night.

This is the last image I captured in KK before boarding the plane.


I touched down in Perth early on Wednesday morning. As the captain was announcing the plane’s descent, as usual I looked out the window to catch a glimpse of the place we were about to land on.

It’s strange that your feelings toward a place can change depending on your state of life in relation to that place at that time.

When I was working in Singapore, whenever I flew over to Perth for a holiday or a short getaway, the view of Perth always brings a calm, relaxed feeling of serenity… and when returning to Singapore, all the responsibilities and stress of work come rushing in once the sight of that little island comes into view.

This time, as I felt the jolt of the plane’s wheels touching down on the runway of Perth airport, I was literally jolted back to reality, and at the back of my mind I was already mentally running through all the things I needed to do when I go back to work.

However one thing remains unchanged, when I look down on that aerial view of the sandy rim of the Sabah coastline, and see the familiar shapes of the islands of Tunku Abdul Rahman park, I immediately know…

“I’m home”

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