Saturday, February 06, 2010

For Emeth

Mishu to Emeth: "meow meow! mew mew mew. mew mew mew mew. mew mew mew meeeeeeeeeow mew mew. mew mew mew mew. meeew mew meeeow"

Translation: "Hello, Emeth! How are you? Thank you for thinking of me. My owner Serene loves looking at your photos and thinks you are a very handsome boy. I hope you are a good boy to your mummy and daddy. Be nice to cats."

(This is in response to Irene's comment about Emeth asking to see the 'meow')


  1. he is fast asleep now, but i will show this to him tomorrow and deliver Meow's message. =) he will LOVE it.
    he is at the moment going through a cat-phase. He loved dogs just two months ago. he goes through his books looking for cats.
    oh, and he "talks" to his two favorite teddy bears in Meow language. i think he thinks they are cats. =)

  2. emeth to mishu:

    Yeeeeeeooooow.... meow meow meow... Yeeeeoooowww...

  3. *Laughing*

    OK, will pass the message on to Mishu. Any translation for the benefit of the humans?

  4. sadly, because emeth does not speak adult English yet, the message is just between emeth and mishu.


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