Friday, January 08, 2010

Real Molotov Cocktails

Just days after my post on Molotov Cocktails, I was stunned to read the news of church bombings in Malaysia over this dispute of the world 'Allah' by Malay speaking Christians.

It's truly saddening to hear of such news of this kind of thing happening in my home country. Words are inadequate to describe my emotions. I actually cried as I read the news and saw the pictures - evidence of the seriousness of the situation.

Photos below are taken from Marina Mahathir's blog.

These photos are of Desa Melawati Metro Tabernacle Church, where Molotov Cocktails were thrown into the compound causing the fire and damage.

BBC News reported that three churches in KL so far have been attacked by Muslim protesters.

It is encouraging to hear some Muslims standing up to condemn this act and some groups even offering to help these churches clean up the aftermath of the destruction.

If you can, please spare a moment to reflect and pray over this situation.

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  1. Churches all over the country have gathered to pray and seek direction. Remember us in your prayers. It's sad


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