Saturday, January 02, 2010

Molotov Cocktails

How did you spend your new year’s day? Probably sleeping in, lazing around or recovering from the previous night’s revelry…

Mine was spent shooting witches and ghoulies and blowing up hoards of zombies with motolov cocktails

Yes… hubby somehow managed to convince me to ‘test’ out the LAN gaming network he set up.

Which turned me into a nervous shrieking lunatic… you would be too if you found yourself in a world surrounded by zombies who are determined to kill you for no apparent reason.

I survived and escaped.

But hubby died a martyr’s death… well actually he accidentally fell off the roof of the building in the last stage.

Hubby is now pestering me to play another round. Sigh.

Oh, and happy new year.


  1. this made me smile. hubby and I played a similar game once and i had to ask him to turn off the "blood-spurting-effect." alas, i insisted i must stop playing because i was beginning to take pleasure in killing "people." i know, terrible, right?!

  2. I never knew you had such a blood thirsty side, Irene.

    Hmmm... never thought of asking my hubby to take off the blood spurting effect... that might help!


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