Monday, January 04, 2010

Mishu’s summer look

After numerous jibes at Mishu being a ‘fat cat’


Here is fully revealed and stripped of all his fluffy ginger glory


Yes, with the onset of the summer heat, his shedding fur was becoming a chore to maintain. We also suspected that the heat was making him rather listless and lethargic.


So today we took him to the groomers to get his fur clipped. They clipped his whole body except for his head, tail and legs. It looks like someone plucked off his head and plonked it on the body of a sphinx cat.

I know he looks hideous and rather ‘naked’, but it actually feels nice to stroke him… he has a soft downy undercoat, which is quite velvety to the touch.

So now Mishu is all set for summer!


  1. he's actually quite skinny!

  2. did you keep the fur to make a little pillow for Mishu to sleep on ?

  3. Hahha... making a pillow out of his fur... never thought of doing that


  5. Its a scary miao sound. Seems like from the 4th dimension world !


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