Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cats are so random

I’m trying not to write too much about Mishu, lest it come a Mishu-blog. But this last incident was really funny so I just had to share.

First off, let me tell you something… cats are decidedly weird and random creatures. They will catch you completely off guard, looking as if they are all dozy and sleepy... and then the next minute, they can do something completely random, like tear around the room with a sudden burst of energy.

So anyway, it was Sunday night and I was in bed, with pillows propped up behind me, immersing myself in my book. Hubby was already snoring away. I was feeling all nice and cosy and sleepy, when…

…Out of the corner of my eye I spotted an orange creature creeping into the walk-in-robe/ensuite area. He can be quite a night prowler at times, so I wasn’t alarmed. I heard a thump, which I took to be him just playing with his ball (his toys are scattered around the house) or pouncing on a spider.

Then suddenly… and I really mean SUDDENLY… I heard an excited meow, followed by a orange/ginger streak shooting past, and a trail of something green along with it.

What on earth is the creature up to now?

I got up and went out to investigate.

This is the sight that confronted me…


My favourite army-green  pants!!! Kidnapped by my cat for reasons I can never hope to understand.


Some more he dare to look up at me with such sweet innocent look as if to say “Oh hello! What’s up mummy? Is it breakfast time already?

I suppose this is nothing compared to the shoe-chewing, plant-digging, welcome-mat-destroyer dog back in KK.

I guess I can live with this.

Excuse me while I go and check that my army-green pants are safely hidden away out of sight.


  1. He misses you and wants something of you to to keep him company. Toto and Buddy would often peek at us through the glass panel of our front door to catch our attention (when we were watching tv)

  2. Ronald mini schnauzer used to be obssessed with unwashed underwear. It can be embarrassing at times when there were guests around and Coco had one hanging off her mouth.


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