Monday, December 28, 2009

Centre of the world

Was browsing through Facebook this evening, enjoying all the pictures posted up by various friends taken over the recent Christmas period.

I happen to catch sight of a familiar image, where a family member had been tagged in… Christmas Eve service at the BCCM KK sanctuary. I immediately thought of my friend Irene’s post where she reminisced over days from our childhood and youth when we were part of the annual big celebration every 24th December.

Everything in the picture looked so familiar, the Christmas lights in the big ‘roundabout’ at the front entrance, the colourful ribbons and tinsel arranged around the sanctuary and on the stage, and even the the extra plastic chairs arranged along the aisles for the anticipated ‘overflow’.

In the pictures I could see a few familiar faces… but many more unfamiliar faces. But the scene itself was strangely familiar with images of youths dressed up for performances, leading worship, singing, dancing, acting etc… I could almost cut and paste faces of my old friends from when we were youths right in those pics.

Alamak, I sound so old, talking like that.

Anyway, to resume my ramblings… on Sunday at church during tithes & offerings, as usual someone would go in front to share something, and on that day a guy from the young families group did the sharing. We know him as a funny guy and typically the ‘clown’ of the group back during our student days. Now he is married, father of a beautiful little girl, working full time and paying off a mortgage just like the rest of our peers.

As I glanced around the congregation, it suddenly struck me that for most of the young people around, to them ‘this guy’ was now considered one of the ‘older people’. For most of them, they would not see this clownish character the same way I did. Looking through the lenses of their youth, they see a grown-up working adult with a kid, who maybe has a knack for telling funny stories, but it would probably not enter their mind the crazy things his guy did when he once was where they are now in life.

Then I thought, “Gosh, is that how they see me???”

Maybe this is simply a sign that I’m not yet as old as I think… the fact that I’m still so conscious of this state that I’m in. Perhaps when I really am old, the novelty of being in this position would have worn off by then.

I think it’s important to retain this state of being able to look at things in retrospect as much as possible. This is partially the reason why I always make my parents tell me stories of the crazy things they used to do as students and youths. Apart from enjoying these highly entertaining stories (like can you believe my mum once hitchhiked her way from JB up to KL??? How many of us now can ever claim to have done that???)… apart from that, it is also a great reminder for me, that we ‘young people’ are not always the centre of the world. Although we may feel that the world seems to revolve around our fantastic escapades and personal drama, remember that behind every person, any person, there is always a story.

Okay, I’d better stop here now as I suspect most of you might be looking as bored as this guy…


I know... that's enough! That's all I have to say for today... thank you very much for listening (reading).

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