Thursday, December 17, 2009

Biggest sandbox you’ll ever see

Ok this is one of the posts where I’ll just use the pics to tell the story:

Last Saturday, we spent the best part of the day wandering in the desert…


Miles and miles of sand dunes, looks like a barren wasteland… but these dunes are the fundamental part of a popular activity…


Sand boarding!!!


Find a dune, get on a board and just whizz down…


It doesn’t hurt because you’re just surrounded by plenty of soft white (hot) sand… such fun!


But then comes the hard part…

Climbing up to start over again… landing in soft sand = nice, but trudging up a steep sandy slope = not easy!


But the pain is worth it… after a rest at the top, it’s down the hill again!


If you think I look dorky in my hat, sunnies and shirt, consider being out in 38 degree heat, in high noon without a single cloud in the sky, surrounded by blinding white hot sand.


More photos in my Facebook here


  1. Hope you had plenty of sunblock on

  2. Yes, plenty. I slathered so much on it was at least 3mm thick!!! ^_^


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