Thursday, November 26, 2009

Steven Curtis Chapman again

As some of you know, I've a pretty big fan of Steven Curtis Chapman's music.

Yesterday during my lunch hour, I happened to jump on SCC's website and saw that he had a new album release.

If you're not aware, SCC is a big advocate of adoption - he has six children, three of which were adopted from China. However last year his family suffered a terrible loss with the when one of his adopted daughters was killed in a tragic accident. But out of the depths of his grief, came this release of very personal songs chronicling his journey through this period of sadness and mourning.

As the sample tracks started playing through my earphones, the lyrics were just so real and honest that I felt the tears welling up right there. I quickly pulled myself together so not to end in a blubbering mess right in the office. I couldn't believe how such emotions could surface so easily in me, the words and music just struck a chord in me that made me go "wow, that's exactly how I feel..."

I'll let the extracts from the album introduction and description speak for themselves...

...In the aftermath of unspeakable tragedy—the death of his five-year-old daughter Maria—Steven did what all songwriters do, he poured the torrent of emotion into his music.

The result is "Beauty Will Rise," a stunning body of work inspired by a circumstance no father should ever have to endure. Steven is unflinchingly honest in his exploration of grief and loss. He asks the questions we all ask when horrible things happen to the innocent, yet throughout the album hope shimmers, faith becomes more real and even more precious, and the peace that surpasses understanding leaps from the page and becomes palpable.

Who are You God?

Cause You are turning out to be so much different than I imagined

And where are You God?

Cause I am finding life to be so much harder than I had planned

You know that I"m afraid to ask these questions

But You know they are there

And if You know my heart the way that I believe You do

You know that I believe in You

But still I have these questions

... from "Questions"

These songs became Steven's own personal psalms. Yet as he wrestled with the heartbreak and loss, his faith remained, somewhat bruised, but never broken.

I will proclaim it to the world

I will declare it to my heart

I will sing it when the sun is shining

I will scream it in the dark

You are faithful, You are faithful

When You give and when You take away

Even then still Your name is faithful

You are faithful

...from "Faithful"

This will be on my wishlist for my birthday/Christmas.

Here is SCC talking about and singing one of the tracks from the album "Heaven is the Face"

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