Sunday, October 04, 2009

Stewed Prunes?

Thanks to a recent comment posted by my dear friend, Irene. During my next grocery shopping expedition, I added a pack of pitted prunes to my shopping trolley to make an attempt at making stewed prunes.

The end result seemed pretty good. The prunes still tasted pruny... but with a slightly smushier texture with a hint of cinammon and citrus flavours.

I'm not entirely sure whether this is what stewed prunes are supposed to taste like, though. At that point, I so wished Irene wasn't so far away, and I was able to pop by her kitchen in some way to sample her stewed prunes and compare notes.

But these were good nonetheless... and were a yummy accompaniment to this morning's oatmeal porridge.


  1. oh how funny!

    i loved that you tried the recipe. have you tried it cold? i like it with orange peels in the background, not screaming.

    yes, it is still pruny, but softer and creamier! i guess one has to like prunes to like this. hubby would have none of it.

    in case you don't like it straight and have extras, you can turn it into this:

    i made it with half the sugar and no icing and it was delicious! just to clarify though -- i love prunes!
    and yes! how wonderful it'd be if we could just pop over each others' kitchen.

  2. Hahaha... what I call 'smushy', you call 'creamy'.

    But it's delicious!

    That cake may be a bit of a prune overload this weekend... plus I'm planning to try that banana bread recipe. But I might make that prune cake when I can't think of what to do with the rest of the prunes, and I've had enough of stewed prunes this time round.

    Thanks again for sharing the recipes! Keep 'em comin'...


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