Monday, October 19, 2009

Shame. Fear. Acceptance

After reading a recent entry on Irene’s blog and speaking to various people lately, as well as looking within myself, I’ve been confronted with this universal issue with seems to confine so many hearts.


We try to cover up so much of ourselves. Conceal the imperfections. Put on a mask. Hide our true selves.

Most of the time we are happy to just cruise along, just barely touching each other with the tips of our fingers.

But every now and then, when I stop to ponder, the frustration of treading in these shallow waters all is so stifling… like a fish out of water... I wish I could plunge into the refreshing cool waters of deep meaningful relationship (apologies for the dramatic metaphor).

But most of the time… most of the time we just smile. Smile and answer “I’m fine”. Because it’s just easier. And so much safer.


Why risk exposure only to be faced with blank looks, stifled yawns, distracted eyes or worse still, that sympathetic look on the face opposite you, as you struggle to put into meagre words, the ocean of emotions that overwhelm.


I don’t know the answer. I’ll just listen. Help me to understand. I want to understand. I want to sit down beside you and try to imagine how you must feel. And maybe begin to comprehend just a little bit of everything you’re going through.


  1. i guess it's a truly a universal feeling.. but everybody is so adept at masking their true preferences to fit in.. it can make people feel very alone when they go against the flow

  2. yes, if you dig deep down, you will find the same fear and apprehension in others too. i find it's better to be true to yourself - be kind to others and be sincere in your relationships. Be a positive influence wherever you are.Try not to judge (it's hard, and i find myself biting my tongue in this area too)But remember we can't be best friends with everyone. If one can find 1 or 2 very, very good friend, one is considered blessed.


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