Friday, October 02, 2009

People say I'm strange does it make me a stranger

In our household, I hold the proud title of ‘Official Car DJ’.

I have full control over the album and track selection for all our car journeys – both short and long ones.

Lately, I’ve been very into DC Talk. Track 13 'Jesus Freak' has been on repeat mode on the way to work, on the way home from work, on the way to cell, on the way to church... hmmm... pretty much on the way to anywhere lah.

This was very much spurred recently by a long Facebook message chain, which has been circulating among my old friends from BCCM for a couple of weeks.

Here is a small peek into some of our reminisces…

"Ahhhh yes I remember very clearly those days DC Talk ruled back then:) that’s when I started getting into 'Contemporary Christian Music'. Do you remember when we performed the Jesus Freak song at Charis?"

"Hahah!!! I was there!! Was playing the guitar for that. I remember when you were into Stryper too!!!"

"...So who was the one doing the emo singing '
…people say I’m strange does it make me a stranger, my best friend was born in a manger…' "

"LOL yeah I remembered I was all fired up for that song as I was really into it at the time. I think it was a combined youth service of some sort..."

"Oh yeah Stryper was the best best Christian rock band bar none. Last I heard they’re still together playing a few shows here and there... 'To hell with the devil!' Remember that? :P "

"Yeah, I remember that too... I think I was playing the bass... its great remembering the old days... we should plan to all go back at the same time, say 3-5 years time, and lead worship on one of the Sunday celebrations. What say you?"

The other day we were sending home a couple of youths… and Track 13 was playing on our car stereo (yet again)… they were like “errr…what’s this song?”… so I started to tell them about DC Talk and the popular contemporary Christian music at that time (good ol' 90s)… but they just shrugged and turned up the latest Hillsong track on their iPod… you could tell that it didn’t really resonate with them at all… (*sigh*) kids these days.

Anyway here is a taste of one of the best DC Talk hits… so turn up your speakers and let you your head wiggle around to match the rhythm like marmalade jelly…

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