Saturday, October 24, 2009

Learning something new

On Thursday and Friday this week, I was on a training course for Microsoft Access 2007. It was a nice change to be out of the office doing something different and learning something new.

I had initially registered to start at Level 1 as it had been some time since I used Access and since then there have been a number of new versions up until this one.

The training format uses a self directed learning module where each student sits at their own individual station while the trainer walks around the room to answer any questions or guide you through any difficult steps.

About 2 hours into the lesson, I was already bored… this was too simple… did I really need to go through learning how to create and save a new file or how to import data from Excel?

I raised my hand to catch the trainer’s attention. He walked over and listened attentively while I explained that I was finding the material a little too elementary.

He was very understanding and obliging, so he decided to load the all the modules for Level 2 and 3 as well and said I could cherry pick through all the different modules and focus on whichever topics I found would be most valuable for my needs, which was perfect!

I learnt how to build macros, some basic VBA codes, setting up switchboards and all sorts of other new tools and tricks.


At the end of the two days, the trainer handed me not one but three certificates for Levels1, 2 and 3!

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