Sunday, October 25, 2009

Eggs, Cream and Butter

Almost every Saturday morning, after lazing around in bed for a bit, a familiar question comes up: “What’s for breakfast?”

Eggs are always a favourite, and mushrooms. Fresh mushrooms are pretty cheap this week at Woolworths… only $6.95 per kg (normally it’s around $9.95 per kg). I usually worry about buying too much because they tend to get soggy after a while. I only bought about 500 grams, but feel like going back to get some more.

But enough about mushrooms… here’s this weekend’s breakfast sizzling away on the stove…

My bro recently posted up a youtube video of Gordon Ramsey’s version of scrambled eggs. I actually thought the man was overcomplicating a very simple dish.

This is the way I like to cook my scrambled eggs, Bill Granger style:

I lightly beat a couple of eggs with about a quarter cup of cream. I heat up a dollop of butter in a pan (drizzled with some olive oil to prevent the oil from burning), pour the eggs in, then gently fold and stir the eggs around over low heat… essentially just scrambling them up. Some salt and pepper to taste and done! The cream makes the texture of the eggs really soft and creamy (for want of a better word) and the butter adds a nice rich taste. I suppose you could use milk instead, but I think the eggs might turn out just a tad bit watery and soggy that way.

Eggs, cream, butter!!! Sounds like a lethal combination right? So only once a week, no more.


  1. i usually make our eggs the way you do but though with olive oil and milk. it does get a tad watery if overcooked, but i don't have cream on hand most days.
    out of curiosity, i tried Gordon Ramsey's version of scrambled eggs except with olive oil and ended with cream cheese. i quite enjoyed it. different texture, very creamy. then again, i adore eggs.
    thanks for sharing!


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