Sunday, September 27, 2009

Summer crop

Prepare yourself for a slight shock...

Taken in the 'Doing the Karen Cheng' style

After over eight years searching, I found my man, Rahman. The hairdresser at Valentino's who first cut my hair in this style back in 2001. I went back a few months later to get a trim, but he was no longer there *sob*.

Then recently, (thanks to a tip from my dear aunt) I found him again. He has now set up his own hair studio in Bull Creek.

So anyway, after I psyched myself up a bit, I finally did it.

Just in time for summer!


  1. Very nice! Hubby agrees too; he said "She looks prettier with short hair". For me I've always remembered you with short hair for some reason, and this look is so you, so fresh :)

  2. cool cool~ i'd been tempted to lop it all off, but i just couldn't. you look hip though =)


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