Sunday, September 20, 2009

Spring flowers

There's a park near our house which hubby and I pass by every morning on the way to work.

Now that spring is here, the place is just covered with these beautiful wild white flowers... they look exactly like the lilies we saw at Empire Retreat in Yallingup

This afternoon, we took a short walk around the area... I had tucked a pair of scissors in my jacket thinking of taking a few cuttings home.

There were so many of them, I'm sure just taking a few snippings would not be missed.

Here they are sitting prettily on the dining table...

Don't they look gorgeous!

So glad spring is here!


  1. These are beautiful! Every week I try to make time to go to the Petaling St flower wholesaler and get flowers to fill my house. bet nothing beats cutting your own though :)

  2. Mine is the cheapskate way of decorating obviously! ^_^

    But it's also nice to just enjoy the perks of this spring weather after the pas couple months of wet miserable weather.

  3. hey I dpn't mind coming to ur place to get some! Saw someone parked his car along Leach hway few years ago, and he ran across the road towards a tucked away smalll lake to get these flowers! Amazing! Diana

  4. Hahaha… no problem, Diana. That is if u don’t mind passer bys staring at you… where on leach hwy can u see these flowers? Never noticed before… or now is it all gone after so many people ran across to pluck the flowers like that guy years ago? ;)

  5. If u r driving towards intl airport on Leach, it is after Pulo (Ps Patrick's street). You can't see them by driving pass cos the flowers are growing amongst overgrown grass and trees. I still remember the specific spot! I can take a look when I drive pass and tell u whether the flowers are there! These flowers remind me of the 2nd day reading "Look at the lilies and how they grow...God cares so wonderfully for the flowers...won't He surely care for you?"

  6. Those are calla lillies. Very very pretty and elegant. The funny thing is they are considered as weeds by the farmers, that is why you will see them on the road side. On the way to araluen, you will see plenty of these in the meadows.

  7. I SAW THE LILLIES TODAY WHEN WE DROVE ALONG LEACH HWAY!!! They are still growing at the same spot.

  8. Thanks for the delivery last nite! I was having breakfast with the lilies this morning. Also cleaned up the kitchen bench so the flowers will look more beautiful!
    No need to dash across the road anymore!!


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