Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My three current reads

I frequently juggle between several books. I find I need to switch between books sometimes depending on my mood.

At present I'm reading three books, which are for three different aspects of my life.

#1. The Undercover Economist. An interesting take on economics... my manager had been pushing this book on us to read, so I finally picked it up and am finding it very intriguing. Let's just say it will completely change the way you look at coffee and supermarkets.

#2. The Relationship Principles of Jesus. Our church is currently going through a 40 Days of Love programme. Each of us read a chapter a day and discuss it each week in our cell groups and we have a little mini assignment each week to practice on building relationships with people around us.

#3. Journey to the Centre of the Earth. Ever since I installed mobipocket ebook reader, I've been downloading all sorts of books. I haven't read the classic in ages and it's been so much fun reading it all over again.

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